Gilmans Kitchen - Terrible experience with Gilman’s Kitchen and Bath Remodeling (San Francisco / San Rafael)

Fremont, California 2 comments

I cannot say this strongly enough: Do not use Gilman's Kitchen and Baths! We had the most miserable experience with them, something I would not wish upon anyone else.

- Project was underbid 35% just so they could win our project (so it cost us ~35% more than expected to get the job done)

- Many details were agreed to during contract/pricing negotiation which they then "forgot" they had agreed to when it actually came to doing the job.

- Workers were disrespectful of our home, breaking and damaging our things (and Gilman's refused to pay for the damages)

- Their construction team was ok at doing woodwork, but completely incompetent in doing the plumbing (hmmm… they are called Gilman's Kitchen and Bath, are they not…?!)

- Examples: Our garage flooded due to their neglecting to close off a drain pipe over the weekend, completed shower had only cold water because the piping hadn't been done correctly, completed sink was leaking due to pipes not being installed well

- The design-build manager is rude, arrogant, argumentative and very difficult to work with. She seems nice enough when they're bidding the project but is a completely different person once the project begins

- The project started late for reasons they could never explain, and still took twice the amount of time they agreed to, to complete

- Construction crew was consistently late, missed appointments altogether and/or left the job early

- Lack of communication amongst project team and construction team

- Their workers were irresponsible with security in our home (our front door was found wide open one night when we came home. On another occasion, they lost the set of keys we'd given them)

- According to one of their staff members, they're just not trustworthy. One of the construction workers told us "I don't trust Gilman's". And this is a guy who works for the company.

Awful experience all-around.

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My original contact at Gilman's was so knowledgable and helpful that I decided to call Gilman's again.I was treated so incredibly rudely by the bish who answered the phone, I decided to look elsewhere.

I really became jaded with WoodMode and Brookhaven - - I think these cabinets are over the top on their pricing for what they are. Particleboard boxes, after all. I decided to go local from here on out for my cabinet needs. Local cabinet makers instead of corporate giants.

I bet WoodMode never even helped you with your problems with Gilman's Kitchens either.

There are more crooked WoodMode dealers than we'd like to dream.Customer satisfaction and warranties should start with the very beginning and not wait until fraud is proven in court.

New York Mills, New York, United States #91430

We had a similar experience. Although we liked our onsite crew and thier competence, we had the very same experiences when it came to the management, communication, and customer service especially with the rude, arrogant, arguementive lady.

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